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It’s A Date!

Good Day to All – a short update!
Finally, here’s the news – I enter hospital on December 15, have an angiogram on December 16 to create a road map of the surgery needed and then I have the big surgery on December 17/09 at Toronto General Hospital.

While I’m bit scared about the whole thing I am very relieved to have a date.

Sad to say this means I miss the Keith Family Christmas but I know they will all understand.

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Dr. Seuss says it Best

I have learned there are troubles
of more than one kind.
Some come from ahead
and some come from behind.

But I’ve brought a big bat.
I’m all ready, you see.
Now my troubles are going
to have troubles with me.

–I had trouble in getting to Solla Sallow

Do you know that when I asked for ideas for books I can read over the next while of my recovery time, I expected some of the same ( at least some duplication) and I have received no duplicates and absolutely no similar genres. It simply goes to show what a “big bat” I have backing me up. Many of you have given me a reading list that will take me well through the weeks of recovery.

I have recently read about the big new operating room at Toronto General. Apparently they are working the kinks out and I assume that this is slowing scheduling down. I have to be thankful that I still am not in an emergency position and will benefit from new magic when I’m up to bat!

Be the traveller in your own journey – Susan

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First Update

It’s now been since July that all this crazy health stuff has been going on. I can’t begin to describe how much I miss the “action” and I miss driving!

The doctors are still pondering exactly how to approach my problem. They are being incredibly careful about the approach they will take (no second chances here) but they are also very busy people and there are many others out there who are in more immediate need.

So, I’m now looking for book suggestions! Any one who has ideas of new books that will challenge me, please let me know. I’ve just finished A Million Little pieces By James Frey – WOW – and I thought I have problems!

At any rate please keep in touch – S

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Originally sent as an Email to many of you on November 4/09!

Good Afternoon Everyone – Today is a day for considering the future and being grateful for another year!  Michael and I have learned to take one day at a time with gratitude and humour!

As many of you know I have been blessed with 11 years of good health following emergency heart surgery in 1998.  The folks that are “in the know” felt I would be lucky to have 5 years so I am incredibly grateful for the gift I have received.

Now it is my birthday in 2009 and I thought this is a great day to bring you up to date of what we are facing now.

I have been re-diagnosed with a dissected aorta which leads to an aneurysm that is about 8cm in diameter.  Obviously I need to have this corrected and face major surgery within the next 4 weeks.  This comes in two parts – first I will have an angiogram to create a road map of the damage to my aorta and heart and then I will have the big surgery to replace the part of my aorta that is badly damaged with a Dacron graft.

 So here is what I know so far –

1.      Regardless of the risks, I cannot avoid this surgery no matter how much I’d like to.

2.      I have the best and only surgeon in Canada for this type of problem working with me and he actually invented the surgical procedure that I had in 1998.

3.      The timing is truly dependent on the availability of surgical support, operating rooms and of course his schedule.

4.      I am otherwise healthy and strong. 

5.      I am very optimistic and positive about the whole process .

6.      I am bored stiff as I cannot drive and I cannot allow my blood pressure to get elevated.

7.      Forest Gump had it right!  “Life Is like a Box of Chocolates… You Never Know What You’re Gonna Get!”

What can you do? 

 I know that I can depend on your support and that you will be sending me great good thoughts during this time.  For this I am so grateful! 

 I have tried to send this to everyone that would want to know but I have probably missed someone.  Please make sure that all the family members and others see this email.  If you could let me know who I’ve missed I’d appreciate it.  Michael will keep you updated over the next while.

Finally, for those of you who know about our plans to work/travel/teach in the coming years, you should know that these plans are simply on hold – we will be “on the road” when I have recovered my energy.

 Many thanks for your support

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