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I seem to go forward and back with energy and my old impatient self kicks in now and then.

I have a request for any one out there who has some ideas about how to cleanse my body of anaesthetic – please let me know – drugs are one thing but this stuff is the good news and the bad all rolled into one –

I’d appreciate your help – love to all – S

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It’s dinner tme on Sunday and for the first time in a week I’m awake more than ten minutes at a stretch. When we are given real tests in life the one thing that I absolutely KNOW that it is critical to have is a huge support system.

It’s not important to have 100’s of people to ask for help from but it is critical to know that the people you have touched in your life want “just a little more”! I am here to tell you that while I may not be kicking a football any time soon – I AM here for that little bit more – I have felt your love and warmth and love all week and look forward to seeing you soon – S

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Boxing Day #2

Susrprise, surprise!! Susan is coming home Saturday to her mom’s place.
Lots of restrictions, rules and drugs.
My last blog, I hereby retire, Susan takes over Sunday, thanks to all for putting up with my ramblings.

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Boxing Day December 26

A fabulous day on Christmas Day, Susan was up & dressed in real clothes and walking without any pole or walker. We has a wonderful Christmas dinner with her mom Lois, even some wine ( but in syrofoam cups so the nurses would not see).
Best of all her wonderful doctor Dr.Fiendel said that she looked so good that if all her stats i.e. drugs, INR and blood pressure remained constant, she could come home on Sunday.
Our plans are to stay in Toronto for a week or more so that Susan can get to the Toronto Heart Rehab centre to get a home program that we can do up north.
Shop well and wisely!!.


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May this be a very happy, safe and healthly Christmas for all!!.
Susan & I wish all of the the very best this holiday season and our sincere thanks for your love & support.
Yesterday (24th) was a tiring day for Susan, she got a nosebleed when she coughed, which she is supposed to do to clear her lungs, however they could not stop the nosebleed for 2 hours, finally had to call ENT doctors to carterize the blood vessel in her nose and then pack it. By the end of the day all was well.
It is 9 am Christmas day and I am still at home in Toronto cooking a turkey breast for her Christmas dinner, plus all the fixings, she is not taking to hospital food very much.
Have a good day and enjoy family time, it is very precious.

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Wednesday December 23

10:15 pm
Another good day, many tests later and with one procedure the aneurysm is fixed and cutoff from the artery, eventually to dry up.
Regarding the clot in the shoulder, it was expected as the major vien from her left arm was severed purposely and not reattached and the clot has formed there, so it will not be a problem, as we are told. Doctors very pleased with her recovery.
Susan feeling much better, has good energy, but no stamina, tires easily.
I took an 18″ Christmas tree into her room to day with a huge string of lights that covers the tree and all the panel behind her. It raised her spirits immensely.
Lois ( her mom) and I are planning Christmas dinner for the hospital.
A very Merry Christmas to all and thank you for your love & support.

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Tuesday December 22

Not a good day today folks, everything seemed to be going great; however Tuesday we have serious complications. Susan has an aneurysm in the right femeral artery ( right leg) and a clot in her left shoulder, both of which may cause further issues. Will attempt to fix aneurysm on Wednesday, no decision on clot, unlikely for susan to be home for Christmas.
I get scared when the doctors keep reminding me that it is a miracle that she is still alive.
Not withstanding all this , she is recovering well from the surgery, up walking around, not too much pain and already making sure that I do not take ‘control’

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