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Hello my friends – You may not know that as a result of the surgery I had in December, my vocal chords were affected by the movement and stretching to get at my aorta for repairs. This led to a very scratchy and weird sounding voice. I found the whole thing very tiring and the specialists felt that at “my age” nothing would improve and minor surgery would be necessary to correct the problem. That was scheduled for yesterday.

Here’s what happened – I arrived for day surgery, they hooked me up to an IV, and my surgeon and a variety of specialists came out of the OR after their first surgery of the day conducted a full examination. And lo-and-behold – the outcome is that my vocal nerves ARE regenerating, and they announced with great surprise – that to attempt surgery may in fact damage the recovery and ultimately damage my voice even more! So go home Susan and come back in a month!

No Surgery – how about that! So when you call, my voice may not be as strong as it used to be but it will be MY voice and not some artificially altered voice box.

I titled this post – Resilience is the Key to Recovery for a number of reasons. Mostly, I have been pondering where resilience comes from. I have no answers to this big question of the week but I do know that being able to Bounce Back has given me the gift of very positive recovery. Here’s the quote that means the most to me today.

That which does not destroy, strengthens. – Friedrich Nietzsche

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